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An Australian Cattlemen
group visited River Valley
Polled Herefords on
Sunday, September 27, 2015.

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The Hereford Breed In Canada

In 1860, F.W. Stone, Guelph, Ontario imported the first of the Hereford Breed to Canada. Frederick William Stone first came to Canada as a young man in 1831 and purchased 200 acres of land on the Puslinch Plains, south of where the city of Guelph now stands. He later established a store on Brock Road, and along with his store, he retained and operated his farm which he increased to 583 acres. In 1860, Mr. Stone returned to England where he attended the English Royal Show in Canterbury, and he was greatly impressed with the quality of Hereford cattle shown that year. He thought these cattle might be well suited to Canada and, upon learning that some top individuals were coming up for auction at a later date, commissioned his brother to purchase enough for a basic herd. The result of this action was the purchase of eight heifers and a yearling bull by the name of Patriot, from the very famous herd owned by Lord Bateman. It was noted at the time that the cattle imported by Mr. Stone were of the highest quality obtainable, and this explains, in part, why they and their descendants were able to play such a major role in the progress of the Hereford Breed in Canada.

Now, 150 years late, the Hereford Breed continues to have the most positive economic impact on the total breed industry of any beef breed in the world. Our young generation of breeders are now launching the Hereford Breed into the next half century.



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